Locally hand crafted with love

We are a small business and we love what we do! Together we grow, harvest, dry, blend and package all our tea with love, respect and care. We look forward to building a strong and trusting relationship with our local community.


Plants are grown by us or wildly-crafted locally; all having been sustainably harvested. We are aware that our environment is fragile and want our products to be as environmentally friendly as possible, therefore, all our packaging is entirely bio-degradable and, or has the option to be reusable.


We seek to bring more awareness to the plants that are surrounding us, to the season they make themselves available and their willingness to offer food and medicine. By creating exclusive herbal tea blends, we would like to expose our local community to the plants that can and do grow in our backyards, down by the lake or out in the dry rocky hills.

People and Plants

As passionate herb growers and users, we have created HERBAL CULTURE NZ to bridge the gap between the grower and the consumer, and therefore, the people and the plants.

Looking forward…
We would love to see Herbal Culture NZ evolve into more of a holistic hub! Where members of our community can interact and exchange ideas and experiences of all things health, plants, crafts and care. Let the learnings begin…

Green blessings,
From Ashley and Loran.
Herbal Culture.
Wanaka, NZ.