Welcome to Herbal Culture NZ

Crafting boutique batches of loose leaf tea, herb salts, herbal tonics and topical products with plants grown only by our hands or wildcrafted from the Central Otago region. The unique products we offer are a response to the passing season and are specifically blended for their nourishing, healing, relaxing and refreshing qualities.

Single &  tea blends

A unique selection of loose leaf, berry and root herbal teas. All herbs are grown and foraged from within the Otago region. This packaging is completely home compostable!


Homegrown & wildcrafted herbs mixed with NZ sea salt

Topical range

Select from a range of topical balms and medicinal infused oils

HERBAL tonics

A range of high quality homegrown & wildcrafted herbs, roots and berries infused in raw organic NZ apple cider

100% Local

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